Spring Brunch

One more month of spring! This entire season has been mostly cloudy with chilly mornings and I’ve been fully taking advantage before summer hits.

My favorite early morning spring activity has been hitting up Hollywood Farmer’s Market because the produce is insanely beautiful and delicious-looking. I usually head in with only like five things I want to buy but end up leaving with SO much more. This past Sunday I went with the intention of buying everything spring-like. I succeeded, grandly. I left with fresh elderflower, beautiful asparagus from Zuckerman’s Farm, fava beans, bright purple kale and the cutest most adorable quail eggs.

I’ve thrown a few spring brunches in the past and I have a few guidelines I always follow.

1. Have one or two dishes that can be made ahead. It’s way too much work for one person to make everything the morning of. I made the muffins and lemonade the day before so the day of, all I had to do was throw together the toasts and the hash.

2. The food doesn’t have to be ready when people arrive. I always have to remind myself of this. Delegate tasks. If you need the drinks to be filled or potatoes to be diced, ask one of your friends. They’ll feel useful!

Spring Brunch

Spring Brunch

3. Only serve food family-style. No one needs coursed out meals. Make things that can be served in big pots or in large format dishes. It will make your life SO much easier.

4. Play fun music. Play Drake or 90s hip-hop. Basically pick music that will make people almost want to dance but not really. Leave the Radiohead and more serious music for a dinner-time party.

5. Make clean-up easy on yourself. I like these Glad® OdorShield® Gain™ Original Scent with Febreze® trash bags because they smell so fresh! and actually have a 5-day guarantee (no smell!). Nothing is worse than smelly anything. These are actually the trash bags I use all the time (even before this post) because they are super strong. If you’ve ever had the bottom of a (very full!) trash bag break as you were about to put it in the dumpster, you will understand the scars that go along with that incident. These don’t require you to double bag them for the smell or the possibility of breaking. And if you’d like a coupon (because we all love coupons), here’s one for $2 off!

Spring Brunch

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Naked Juice Cold Pressed Juices

One of my favorite “Live” tips in The Year of Cozy is the page all about “Doing Nothing.” I’m not the best at doing nothing and it’s taken me a long time to feel ok about it. It’s a constant exercise!

The same goes with taking a lunch break in the middle of the day. I usually skip lunch and just snack on whatever I’m making in the kitchen. (This includes babka, cookies and other baked goodies-—not the best move).

This year I’ve been consciously trying to take 10 or 15 minute breaks, eating a small healthy meal or drinking a smoothie or fresh juice. I usually never do a full meal or 30 to 1 hour lunch because I’m constantly dealing with losing light for photos and honestly, I’d much rather take a short break and just power through the work.

But I do find my short break in the middle of the day SO necessary.

Naked Juice Cold Pressed Juices

Naked Juice sent me their new line of cold pressed juices to try and I’m very very into them. They fit the bill perfectly for that short break.

Probably the thing I like the best (besides the taste) is that they last much longer (with no preservatives). The ones I have expire in mid March! DOPE!

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Cookbook Gift Guide

For the Person Who Loves Cozy and Fun Food and Likes to Bake:

Home Baked
The Year of Cozy
Bien Cuit

Grand Baby Cakes
The Violet Bakery Cookbook
The New Sugar and Spice

Whip It Up
Simply Nigella


For the Fancy Food Human Who Loves Restaurants

The Nomad Cookbook
This Is Camino
Slow Fires

Sea and Smoke

Cookbook Gift Guide

For the Vegetable Lover Who Always Orders a Latte with Almond Milk

Near and Far

My New Roots
Crossroads Cookbook

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The Year of Cozy came out (almost) two months ago! WHAT!! Time is flying, ladies and dudes. We’re almost on the verge of talking about healthy food only. Almost.

In honor of Cyber Monday, which has always sounded like something that is NSFW, I bring you a bit of a round-up of The Year of Cozy all around the webs.

Billy, my good fren’ and Amelia’s uncle, made the Flaky, Buttermilk Biscuits.

I love the color background. It’s very Acne-ish, isn’t it?

Flaky Buttery Biscuits

Nigella Lawson, the Nigella had some really sweet words to say about The Year of Cozy and I kinda died inside and have not really recovered.

Sarah from The Sugar Hit, inspired by a pie in the book made Burnt Vanilla Peach and Blueberry Hand Pies. Don’t this look like summer goodness?!?!

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One Fine Stay - Porchester Square

A few weeks ago I jumped across the pond to London, England. It was everything I remembered as a teenager: charming, quaint at times, chaotic at other times, chilly but refreshing and really, really fun.

I stayed near Notting Hill in one-bedroom flat in Porchester Square. One Fine Stay was nice enough to host me for a few days! If you’ve never scoured One Fine Stay, it’s a design enthusiasts dream. The houses and apartments for rent are BEAUTIFUL and the service is amazing. There’s even an app you have access to with restaurant and shop recommendations, making your experience more convenient.

One Fine Stay - Porchester Square

The kitchen was cozy and inviting. I was maybe just a little obsessed with the combination of reclaimed wood and marble. Isn’t it so perfect?! The pops of yellow are perfection, too.

The white floors throughout the apartment, made it so bright and cheery even on cloudy, rainy days.

I tend to love staying in neighborhoods when I travel because it feels a bit like I’m living there. It allows me to experience the city as if I were a resident, which is pretty nice.

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I’ve been very bad about keeping up with the monthly recaps but it’s because the month will fly by and I’ll look back and be like, Meh, I did a lot of nothing, but not October.

October was the month that The Year of Cozy finally hit shelves. OOOF! SO MANY FEELINGS! It’s been a crazy month. So much work. So many emails. But I have to say, the feelings have been amazing. I’ll be doing a whole post on The Year of Cozy all around the web soon! But every day I check out the hashtag on Instagram and the fact that a family was inspired by the book to go on a fall picnic, like, makes me hormotional. If I think about it too long it makes my eyes well up and my stomach feel all fuzzy. I’m really, really grateful this month.

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Hi! Let’s hang out together! When? This Friday, October 23rd, from 6pm to 9pm.

I’ll be downtown at Poketo. There will be free ice cream from Tillamook. Fine wine. And lots of wine and cheese. Think like adult lunchables. Unfortunately no Capri Sun. :(

I’d love to finally meet you and hang out!


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Dear Amelia!

Happy Birthday. You’re one year older, one year wiser, more cute and hopefully a bit calmer. Because man, were you a psycho as a puppy.

Grain-Free Dog Mini Apple Cakes

Sometimes when I look at you I wonder if a human has ever loved a dog as much as I love you. I sometimes wonder if my love can be so strong it can hurt you. And then I think about how bratty and spoiled you are and I begin to think yes. :(

Regardless, I have a whole lot of things to thank you for. Here’s an on-going list.

1. Thank you for sitting on my feet and keeping them warm.

2. Thank you for waking me up every.single.morning v v early. This means I never have to set an alarm and am more productive so I can make more money to buy you bones.

3. Thank you for always eating all the crumbs off the kitchen floor. Because of you, I have to sweep a whole lot less…except for your hair, which is a whole other thing.

Grain-Free Dog Mini Apple Cakes

4. Thank you for barking when we sometimes hear scary noises. Maybe you’ve scared a robber or two away, who knows.

5. Thank you for always sitting next to me when I’m crying.

Grain-Free Dog Mini Apple Cakes

6. Thank you for loving peanut butter as much as me…and bread and popcorn and tortilla chips.

7. Thank you for needing lots of walks. I’m better off now.

Grain-Free Dog Mini Apple Cakes

Grain-Free Dog Mini Apple Cakes

8. Thank you for having paws that smell like Fritos. They always remind me how much I love those chips.

9. Thank you for being so friendly with strangers. It’s a reminder that strangers are good and a person can never have too many friends.

10. Thank you for loving so freely and openly and reminding me that the smallest moments in life are the ones I should keep close.

Happy Birthday, Amelia!

Grain-Free Dog Mini Apple Cakes

Grain-Free Dog Mini Apple Cakes

This recipe is adapted from the Grain-Free Doggie Doughnuts I have in The Year of Cozy. I basically doubled that recipe and BAM. Cake!

This recipe is completely grain-free, using garbanzo flour (just FYI it’s way cheaper at the store than on Amazon, I just included this link as reference). High in protein and cheap in price, it’s a good alternative. This cake bakes on a Baking Sheet” target=”_blank”>half baking sheet and then you cut the cakes out using a round cutter. If you don’t have a cutter that’s circular, you could also use a knife and make little square cakes. SO CUTE!

The frosting is a combination of Greek yogurt and honey. It has no thickener in it so it’s a bit runnier than human frosting. This cake is topped with a bit of unsweetened coconut flakes.

This is either a very inspiration recipe for you or you think I’m incredibly strange and weird. And you’re right. I’ll be back on Wednesday with a human recipe that’s pretty near and dear to my lil’ heart.


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The Year of Cozy: Fan Joy Box

The Year of Cozy: Fan Joy Box

I teamed up with FanJoy to bring you all of my favorite things from The Year of Cozy in one box!

In the box, you’ll get:

1. A (2 ounce) bag of Stumptown Coffee. (As you know, coffee is life!)
2. A pair of gold crafting scissors. (I used these for pretty much every DIY in the book.)
3. A “SO HANGRY” t-shirt. (This is inspired by the kitchen banner DIY in the book that says this. Basically, this phrase is an expression of my soul.)
4. A pretty box of matches from The Social Type.
5. The Year of Cozy book signed by me and Amelia.
6. A personalized note from me.

The Year of Cozy: Fan Joy Box

The Year of Cozy: Fan Joy Box

The box retails for $49.95 and is limited edition (meaning: there aren’t that many!)

I’m super excited about this box because it feels like the book coming to life. I love all these items, especially together, especially the t-shirt. I hope you love them too!


The Year of Cozy: Fan Joy Box

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The Year of Cozy: How to Develop and Write a Recipe

When I was writing The Year of Cozy, I thought A LOT about how the recipes were written. I thought it might be interesting to share my process with you.

Some of you may write your own recipes too, and some of you may have very little idea about the process. Obviously this is simply the way I do it, it might not be the right way (I’m not sure!).

If you do write recipes, I’d LOVE to hear your process in the comments below. I’m always thinking of ways to improve, be better and more efficient.

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