Ahi Tuna Avocado Toast

I have dreams of opening up a little sandwich stand that would be called “Stuff On Toast.” I feel like I’ve mentioned this before. Oh and I’d serve pie too because after you eat something on toast you might want a piece of pie. You might not, actually, but I just want to be prepared in case you do. And maybe coffee. So pie, toast and cappuccinos. It would be our three life necessities under the same small, shack-like roof.

This rendition of Avocado Toast is a bit different. Having white miso in my fridge has become a staple. I love it because in the colder months I can throw it in a pot with hot water, along with seasonal vegetables and make a quick miso soup. I’m obsessed. In the warmer months it’s awesome to have on hand for making quick miso dressing. A little ginger and sesame oil and rice vinegar are added and that’s kind of it. .

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Nachos // Etsy by A Cozy Kitchen

I think some restraint in life is needed, right? I mean if I didn’t practice any sort of restraint ever, I’d have a whole lot more shoes, maybe four more corgis (one is enough, trust me), a new car and maybe, just maybe I’d eat nachos like every single day of my life. But when I do make nachos, which isn’t all that often because it’s summer and I need to be in a bathing suit next week (have I told you this?), I practice no restraint. I go to town.

This means lots and lots of cheese. And when it comes to nachos, layering and a low oven temperature is VERY important. You don’t want burnt chips and burnt cheese, man. You want layers of cheesiness all up in between the chips. Just because you get to the bottom of the nachos doesn’t mean you should be eating naked chips! (Can you tell I’m passionate about nachos?!)

And the toppings are important, too. You want them to be plentiful and interesting. I like cilantro, hot sauce, queso fresco, some chorizo, spicy radishes, AND, if you add an egg, this means you can call it breakfast. Who doesn’t want nachos for breakfast, I mean…

The full “recipe” and more photos are up on Etsy’s site RIGHT NOW! GO!

Fun side note: If you love nachos, there’s a WHOLE gigantic book on this glorious, cheesy subject. It’s called Ultimate Nachos: From Nachos and Guacamole to Salsas to Cocktails. It’s filled with cheesy nachos, cocktails that compliment nachos, guacamole recipes that should live next to your pile of nachos and then there’s more nachos. It’s like a dream.

Nachos // Etsy by A Cozy Kitchen

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Grapefruit and Avocado Toast

If Avocado Toast were a person they’d totally be celebrity that wouldn’t be able to leave their house without a swarm of security. Avocado toast is internet famous–it’s been blogged about, Instagramed about like a million times. And for good reason. It might be my most favorite, simplest snack/lunch in the entire world. Sometimes the simplest things make us happy.

This is a new take on the cult classic, involving grapefruit and hazelnuts (but pictured – because I can’t write a proper grocery list – pistachios, which work equally well). Grapefruit and avocado salads have been around for quite some time now, so I figured I’d put it all on a piece of toast, top it with toasted hazelnuts, some olive oil and a little salt, and call it a day.

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Absolutely Avocados

Are you a hand-shaker or a hugger? Like, when you first meet someone and you don’t know them, but you sort of know them, like you’ve emailed before, do you go for a hug or the handshake? Is it gender specific? I feel like I’m more likely to hug a lady than a dude. But for the most part I’m totally that weirdo that goes for the hug when people go for the handshake. And then I have to be like, “I’m a hugger, soooorrrry!”

I’m usually secretly hoping they don’t have a weird complex about people touching them. I’ve known people like that. And those people haaaate people like me. Also, I kind of hate when people are too touchy-feely. There’s a happy medium to be had, man.

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Sometimes my favorite recipes are non-recipes…

You know, those recipes without strict instructions or rigid instruction lists…just ideas.

When I cook for this here lil’ blog, I’m always following a recipe I’ve prewritten. I then tweak as I cook and often times, I make the recipe a few times before it’s ready to be posted here. But, whenever I do get the chance to cook without having to write down notes, or follow a bossy recipe, it feels pretty nice.

This collection of stuff on toast are the kinds of things I often times find myself making for lunch. I like eating non-fussy stuff for lunch. I usually have about 15 minutes to make or assemble something and it usually ends up being just a hodgepodge of stuff in my fridge that I end up putting on toast.

I feel like the internet invented avocado toast. Am I right? I think I am. Or maybe my mom invented it. I dunno. But my mom made us avocado sandwiches and I thought she was a pure genius.

I love smashing an avocado, smearing it on toast and topping it with lots of salt and spicy radishes. If I have some Italian parsley around, I’ll throw that on there, too. Oh and if I don’t have radishes, I’ll add a few dashes of Sriracha or Tapatio. They’re a must.

Lunch On Toast

If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll mix together softened cream cheese and tons of fresh dill and smother it on toasted rye. I like my toasted rye, like, super toasted. And then a few slices of smoked salmon, chives, slivers of red onion and fried capers (if I have them). Refreshing, delicious, healthy…ish!

Lunch On Toast

Goat cheese and beets are nothing new. But honey roasting beets in the oven for 30 minutes? Heaven. Walnut bread is a good base for this sort of thing. Walnut bread, toasted, softened goat cheese and honey roasted beets. Earthy, sweet, nutty and creamy. I love!

Lunch On Toast

Oh carrots! Roasting vegetables always seems like a big endeavor; I tend to think I need a baking sheet full of them, but in this case I roasted two carrots. Just two. And it was awesome. Two carrots and on a french baguette with a base of whole grain mustard and tons of melty Gruyére. So French! So January!

Lunch On Toastt

I’m not good at a lot of things but I am decent at hard boiling eggs. That I’m ok at. I had this particular situation for lunch last week: two hard boiled eggs on barely toasted bread with lots of salt and a few turns of freshly ground pepper. And emails. And one of those blood orange San Pellegrino sodas that I’m obsessed with.

Working lunch situations are what lazy dreams are made of!


I try to be a good person on the daily. When I’m going into the coffee shop, I always hold the door for the person behind me. I smile at strangers. I smile at cute babies…and even more at cute doggies. I give people the benefit of the doubt. I call my mama on the regular. I try to tell the truth even when it sucks. I eat my vegetables and I like it.

So, if all that doesn’t work and I’m sent to hell at the end, I guarantee it’ll look like a mall on Black Friday. There will be people and shopping carts everywhere. Babies will be crying (because they know what’s up!). There might even be a few lil’ people toppling over each other fighting over some game console I’ve never heard of. People will be outside in tents camping to get the best deal on a TV. It will look a lot like the weekend of Thanksgiving. That’s what my hell is.

My idea of heaven is cooking soup in colorful socks. What? Yes. Maybe even Vince Guaraldi’s A Charlie Brown Christmas will be blaring in the background. Cooking soup and making snacks! It’s my favorite pastime. This lil’ tartine is a perfect snack/breakfast/lunch meal.

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I’m the hunt for my first adult couch. Up until now I’ve been living very college-like, mainly because I’d rather buy a pair of shoes or go to a new restaurant or save my money than sit on something nice and grown-up, BUT I’m changing!

I have this weird urge to be a grown-up and I’m thinking buying a piece of furniture might catapult me there. I now realize the only thing worse than shopping for a new apartment, bathing suit and health insurance is shopping for a new couch.

Can we say expensivo. Also: why?! Where’s the happy medium between Ikea and Awesome…at Ikea prices? I need to know this. If you have any affordable/adorable/expensive looking couch recommendations, I’m open! I wanna hear!

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This avocado hummus is delicious. And I know I say that a lot, but I really rilly like this one. It’s a good one!

In other related news, why are avocados so expensive? I get that they’re delicious, buttery, fatty (in a healthy way!), pretty, and again, delicious.

No but really…

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I’ve hated eggplant since infancy, I swear, so the fact that you’re seeing little baked/fried matchsticks of eggplant right now is just crazy business. But here we are…just looking at eggplant.

The shift happened a few weeks ago when I went to my favorite vegan restaurant, which I sort of hate. I like/hate this restaurant. I sort of hate it and I sort of love it. This place is like no other restaurant I’ve ever been to. Each dish is an affirmation. Hold the phone, let me explain.

Every dish’s name is an affirmation. A vegan BLT isn’t just a vegan BLT, it’s actually a “I Am Humble.” So, in order for you to place your order you have to look at the server and say, “I would like the ‘I AM GORGEOUS’” and then the server looks at you and says, “YOU are gorgeous.”

This is when I vom. After you’re done ordering they tell you the philosophical question of the day. This is when (internally, of course!) I’m all like, Dude, listen, can you just give me my damn cashew cream, raw cold-ass vegan enchilada thing without talking to me about my inner spirituality and positivity or whatever, because seriously now I AM ANNOYED.

Okay so, why do I go back? Because it’s the best vegan food I’ve ever had. Ever! They served me an eggplant sandwich, which I ordered out of pure curiosity, knowing very well I hated the stuff. I figured if anybody could prepare an inherently gross vegetable in an awesome manner it was them. And I was soooo right.

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On Monday morning I did something totally crazy.

I reached for my cell, dialed Time Warner and cancelled my cable. This was a desperate measure to take my life back. Sound dramatic? Probably. But last week I called my mom to discuss Bethenny and Jason’s marriage, which sort of seems on the rocks (right?!!?). And on Sunday night I was all like, “Whoa Cythia! That orphan comment you said about Kim was craaaazy messed up. KIM, DON’T FORGIVE HER!”

I have to draw the line sometimes, you know? Being invested in TV relationships is just too much for me right now. I can’t deal. I’d rather spend my life thinking about other things…like bacon and popcorn, and cookies with brown butter in them.

Also, this means I have more money to spend on shoes. Shoes > Cable. DUH!

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