I was in Mexico almost a month ago. (WHA!!) Time is flying.

The thing I wanted the absolute most the minute I landed was aguachile. I knew that it was something that I’d probably find a lot of in Cabo.

If you’re unfamiliar with what aquachile is, it’s simple. Think of it like a super spicy Mexican ceviche but with lime (vs. tomato). And most times the shrimp hasn’t marinated and “cooked” all the way through in the lime juice. The important thing when eating/making aguachile is that the shrimp you use must never have been frozen. We’re talking super fresh, sushi-grade shrimp.

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Mini Cheesecakes with Guava Glaze and Pistachios

This week has been fun!

I feel like the only person on the planet who haven’t given Pokemon a chance. I think it’s because I’m scared of walking into a pole or worse a car or even worse, off a cliff. So I’m easing into that one super patient like. Maybe this weekend I’ll give it a go, you know?

These mini cheesecakes were made a few weeks ago when I was craving the richness and coolness of cheesecake. This cheesecake is part cream cheese, part Greek yogurt which makes it OH SO GOOD.

Mini Cheesecakes with Guava Glaze and Pistachios

Mini Cheesecakes with Guava Glaze and Pistachios

The best part about them is that they’re mini so you can eat like four and it’ll make you feel a lot better about your life than eating a whole slice of cheesecake to yourself. This is dessert math. It works out well.

These are topped with a guava glaze. By the way, guava is maybe my favorite word ever. If you say it the Spanish way it’s the prettiest word ever. “Y-AVA!”

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Guess what? I made dis (see above), alongside my publisher, Rodale, and awesome, incredibly talented illustrator, Amber Day.

It’s a coloring book that you can actually cook from. Cookbook meets coloring book with illustrations that resemble real life. Read: an illustration of Amelia trying to steal waffles because that’s my real life!

This book is so fun and exciting and I hope that you color your cute self all the way to comfort because that’s what it’s intended to do.

A Cozy Coloring Cookbook Cover

In this book you’ll find sprinkles falling from the sky onto a big piece of fairy bread. You’ll find simple doggie treats that I love to make Amelia, grain-free of course. You’ll also find berries exploding out of a berry gin and tonic that I love. And you’ll find the coziest of cozy chocolate chip cookies. The recipes are simple, easy breezy. Maybe the easiest that I’ve ever made, which for me is a lil’ difficult to do. But all of them are delicious and all of them are SO fun to color.

A Cozy Coloring Cookbook Cover

It was interesting creating and thinking about food in terms of color. There were so many foods I wanted to include but I had to ask myself, “Would it be fun to color?!” I found out that I cook and eat so many things that are brown and white and more brown. Not so fun to color, you know? It was such a unique process, one I can’t wait to share with you later on (more on the-making-of soon!).

In the meantime, here is the cover! The book comes out November 15, 2016 (yes this year and yes, I’ve been keeping this one a secret for a lil’ while now, I’m sorry).

And here are some links to pre-order:


Barnes and Noble



I can’t wait to share this with you!


A Cozy Coloring Cookbook Cover

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Homemade Choco Tacos

Summer as a kid meant tennis camp in Big Bear, shorts and tank-tops every single day, Wimbledon, and long, slow days spent mostly outside, playing hide and go seek until the street lights flickered on.

There were also lots of sleepovers where ten girls would pile in someone’s basement or room and we’d watch Sandlot and The Shining and Pet Cemetery, until a parent would force us to go to sleep already! And sometimes, in the middle of the night, we’d sneak into the kitchen and open up the freezer hoping for something awesome. My friends could always count on my freezer being full of lots of ice cream (dad’s favorite) and if we were really lucky, there’d be a few Choco Tacos; I always bought extra from the ice cream truck.

Homemade Choco Tacos

My internal 12-year-old self has always wanted to make Choco Tacos at home and it always seemed somewhat complicated. UNTIL NOW!!

For this post and recipe, I teamed up with the most delicious, decadent, luscious chocolate maker: Scharffen Berger. I used their 70% Cacao Bittersweet Chunks for both parts of this recipe.

When the bittersweet chocolate chunks melt, it’s like a dreamland. It’s silky smooth and perfectly bitter—not too sweet. I can’t wait to put them in my cozy chocolate chip recipe, coming soon!

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Crispy Plantain Chips with Mojo Sauce

Once upon a time I loved my daddy a whole lot. We’d sit on the couch together and we’d watch sports I didn’t care about. The only thing I cared about were all the snacks he had. He always had the best snacks. There was ice cream and saltine crackers and of course, plantain chips, straight from the bag.

We were best friends then, him and me, and these chips. I never really thought about the chips again until I moved away, far away from home, far away from him and far away from any Cuban and South American food.

Crispy Plantain Chips with Mojo Sauce

I was working a boring desk job when a lunch menu was plopped on my desk. It was for a Cuban restaurant nearby.

My bratty cynical self about Cuban food in LA started to scan the menu, stopping at my favorite: ropa vieja. When my food was delivered I was right about the ropa vieja but so wrong about the plaintain chips that came for free.

They were thin as newspaper, crispy AF and slightly salty.

Crispy Plantain Chips with Mojo Sauce

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A few weeks ago, before the world imploded, I went to Cabo San Lucas and I’d like to tell you about it.

I went for my best friend’s wedding where I was maid of honor which also meant there needed to be a speech in front of many people I didn’t know, of all ages. The speech needed to be both funny, sweet and emotional. Not an easy task! But I somehow survived. I was actually SO nervous that I didn’t really enjoy the day leading up to it because there was a gigantic pit in my stomach. Have you given one of these before?

Within my first few days in Mexico, I learned there is nothing else that beats having breakfast with your feet in the sand, a Michelada in hand and this view:

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Matcha S'mores

I’m back from Mexico and am suffering from a gigantic vacation hangover. I wanna go back to laying by the pool and reading my book and eating all the chips, but I’m also super excited to get back into the swing of things…it’s just taking me a little bit to psych myself into doing work again.

These matcha marshmallows have been a dream of mine for a while now and I’ve been waiting for the perfect time. Well, the time is right now! Fourth of July is like right this very second so what could be better than these…well, maybe this s’mores pavlova. Or these s’mores twists. Lots of s’mores! All the s’mores!

Amelia hates when I make anything that involves toasting marshmallows or meringue because that means I have to turn on my kitchen torch and nothing scares her more.

Matcha S'mores

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Chicago Dogs

Last year I went on my first trip to Chicago and had da best time evrrr! It’s definitely one of my favorite cities in the country. Josh and I actually thought about moving to Chicago after that trip but the winters…oof.

I began to envision myself walking down the street in January with two handfuls of groceries, with wind and snow and more wind all up in my face and it sort of stressed me out. So, for now, I’m just gonna make Chicago dogs.

Chicago Dogs

Chicago Dogs

Fourth of July is this weekend and I figured it was the perfect time to make one! If you’ve never had one, man, you’re in for a treat. On that trip to Chicago, I had my first Chicago dog and it was so memorable.

For this post, I teamed up with ALDI. Last week, I headed to ALDI and bought all the accoutrements necessary to make the best Chicago dog. They had nearly everything for these dogs, and basically all things summer-y at super affordable prices.

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Bacon Western Cheeseburger Sliders

I’m currently in Mexico recovering from my friend’s wedding, chilaxing by this pool, reading this book, and drinking way too many of these. More on Mexico soon!

Before I left El Ley, I made these burgers from Jon’s new book, THE SLIDER EFFECT.

Can I just tell you that I had SO much fun making these with Billy. I haven’t made sliders in way too long and was kindly reminded that they’re are so fun and cute to make and eat.

Bacon Western Cheeseburger Sliders

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Acaí Coconut Bowls

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening of Smorgasburg! If you’re unfamiliar, here’s the lowdown: Smorgasburg originally started in NY but has moved to LA, where every single Sunday you can head to The Row in downtown Los Angeles and try some of the city’s best food vendors.

My favorites were:

Rucker’s Pie (Nicole’s pies are amazing!)
Bub and Grandma’s Bread (best bread in da city)
Nana’s Pops (chocolate + banana)
Ugly Drum (their BBQ is so bomb)
Birria from Burritos Las Palma

Acaí Coconut Bowls

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